This isn’t about losing weight

Because Lord knows losing weight is not the be all and end all of our lives, and I’m just not sure how much more calorie counting I can do before I snap.

Let me start from the beginning.  I was always thin.  Thin as in my BMI was usually classed as underweight and I fit into a US size 0.  It certainly wasn’t because of what I ate (lots of junk), but most likely because I forced myself to the gym for 2 or 3 hours 5 times a week and killed myself with loads of cardio.

Then I turned 28, met my husband, stopped going to the gym, sat on the couch and continued my bad eating habits and went from 60 kgs to 90kgs.   This weight gain and generally sedentary lifestyle wasn’t helped by the arrival of my two gorgeous monsters 20 months apart.

Anyway, after monster 2 was born, I decided I wasn’t happy.  This was actually a revelation for me, because despite the 30 kg weight gain, the time between meeting my husband and giving birth to my dear monsters was the happiest time of my life (I know, shocking right that someone can get all chunky and still be happy and not want to throw themselves in front of the nearest bus), however, I missed exercise.  I wanted to get active again.  So I did.

And now here comes the reason for this blog.  I’ve gotten active, I run, weight train, swim, toss the monsters around like pillows (they love it I swear), I eat well if too large portions, I feel fantastic, and health wise, I’m great.  When I was a size 0 I was always sick with colds, flu etc, I had horrible IBS and severe depression.  While the depression has stuck around it’s much more manageable then it’s even been, I’m almost never sick and my IBS is gone! Yay me.

But, whenever I go looking for an online community, or any positive articles about other larger ladies being active and the challenges we face, I can’t fine them.  All I find is the same stuff about cutting calories, losing weight, and things that constantly tell me I can’t be both my curvy self and fit at the same time.

11701203_10155958843760160_9033233318934523046_nThis is me, the curvy babe above, all 84 kilos of me (yup that’s 14 kilos overweight, so “fat” by societal standards, though some of you lovely readers may not agree with me…or maybe you all will, it’s fine either way, I know me).  Online and in the media I’m not fit.  Doesn’t matter if I can run 10 km’s in an hour, doesn’t matter if I lift heavier weights than most of the skinny guys at the gym, doesn’t matter if I swim for two hours straight, doesn’t matter, cause I’m fat, therefore I am unhealthy.

Rubbish I say.

So here we are.  I’ve started this blog, and I’m going to post my fitness journey on here, and talk about being fat and fit.  I hope there are others like me out there and you find me.

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