This Bugs Me…

I have a horrible admission to make… I read the Daily Mail online.  I know, I know, I really shouldn’t.  I mean, we all know the Daily Fail’s main goal in life is to make people feel miserable, especially fat people, and especially, especially, especially fat women.  We are enemy number 1 after all.    I really must stop torturing myself with its awful, awful stories, but I just can’t help myself, I’m addicted.

dailyfailWhat can I tell you, it’s the hard hitting journalism that keeps drawing me back.

Well today’s Daily Mail did not disappoint.  Hidden among its “stellar journalism” and multiple pictures of celebrities in swim suits, was this gem: Going to the gym WON’T help you lose weight

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen stuff like this around, and given that I’m not a scientist, I’m sure it’s probably true.  To lose weight you do need to eat less, and exercising does make you hungrier and makes you more likely to consume more than you would if you don’t exercise.  Not only that, but I find that when I’m exercising, my scales go up (a trend I noticed before I shoved the damn thing under the bed to live with the dust bunnies until hell freezes over) while my dress size goes down, and when I don’t exercise and diet, my scales go down, my dress size goes down (slower, but still down) BUT, I’m angry, irritable and generally pissed off.


But it’s so filling

When I just diet, I diet and eventually I stop because it sucks and I feel crappy and hungry and irritable  and I go back to eating crap with a vengeance, and then I gain the weight back.  When I exercise, I keep exercising because, even though the scales aren’t going down, I feel awesome!  Every week I see improvement, I see cellulite disappear, I see muscles pop out, I see my stomach get flatter, I have more energy, I sleep better, the list goes on and on.  Also, while I’m hungry and I do eat to offset this (crazy concept I know), I eat better food.  The last thing I want after a good gym session is a Big Mac.  No, I want something that’s going to make me feel good and healthy, and keep that nice feeling of doing a good thing for my body.

How many people will read that article today and not go to the gym?  How many people will try out the same repetitive fad diets that make them feel awful, instead of doing something that will actually make them feel better?

There’s lots of studies to say that exercise and being fit is better than just being thin and not fit: (Please actually read these through)

“That’s why some heavy people can be fit on the inside — healthier even than some of their thinner peers. Many people who diet but don’t exercise to lose weight, for example, may technically reach a “healthy” weight, but their fitness level doesn’t match. They may appear trim on the outside, but still carry too much visceral fat and not enough muscle on the inside. “They’re not physically active. They have horrible and restrictive diets. They might not be overweight, but metabolically they’re a mess,” says Church.” (Times article)

Once again, not a doctor, and I know studies all need to be taken with massive grains of salt (much like popcorn), but it would seem that I might be better off being my curvy self and busting my ass in the gym than cutting calories and being a big stressed time bomb.

Maybe we should all stop focusing on being thin, and focus on being fit!

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2 thoughts on “This Bugs Me…

  1. Ayla on said:

    You don’t need to eat less. It’s not all about calorie counting. It’s the type of calories you’re taking in. If you had lots of protein it would work out far better for you than lots of carbs or fats. Daily Mail writers and many of their readers do not realise this. Don’t get disheartened.
    Enjoying the blog. X

  2. fatandfit on said:

    Thanks for being my first comment Ayla :) And yes I totally agree. The problem with the Daily Mail, and many
    pro-diet, anti-fat sites is that they equate thin with healthy, or believe that weight loss is the only goal in getting healthy. In general weight loss is a by product of more activity and healthier eating habits, and that’s great, but other by products are more energy, less stress, being happier, etc, and I find if you only focus on the number on the scale or the size of your pants you risk losing the other by products for the sake of one thing. We should promote a holistic view to health the includes less stress, exercise and healthy eating. :) However, carbs and fats (especially nuts, certain oils, etc) are part of a healthy diet, and who really wants to live life without pasta? I’m all for switching up white bread and pasta for whole grain options, but I’m not for cutting them out or even cutting down on them too much. If you’re going to get active, you need the energy carbs give you.

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