There’s nothing like visiting a body building forum to make you feel like shit….

Because I’m doing everything wrong!!!!!!!!  I work out too much/not enough, I’m eating too much/not enough.  Dear Lord.  Can’t I just do what I like?  What I enjoy?  Even if I’m not losing weight, am I not living a healthy lifestyle?  It really comes down to goals I guess. I have to keep telling myself my goal is holistic health, not to win a body building competition or fit into societies ideas of what “beautiful” is.  I don’t want to live my life counting calories and weighing my food down to the last mouthful.  I don’t want to eat a salad when everyone else gets the burger.  I want to lift weights and feel good about that, and I want to walk and run and feel good about that.  I want to feel good.

Ugh.  I just need to tell that to myself 150 times a day.

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