There will be bad days…

When you’re trying to focus on overall health and fitness and not the number on a scale or the perfect “bikini body” you’re going to have bad days. You’re going to have days where you look in the mirror and see a body you hate. You’re going to see every lump and bump and roll and stretch mark.

Those days suck.  Those days are the result of years of striving to reach an ideal that’s not possible, and years of hating my body because it wasn’t perfect.

I wish I could just tell those days to go away, to look in the mirror and say “Hey beautiful, what’s happen, don’t you look fine today” and mean it.  But I can’t.  Loving yourself is a process, and just like health, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

On the bright side, those days are getting fewer and farther apart.  Whereas I used to avoid the mirror, and spend what seemed like every second wondering what I was going to eat and how long I could push myself at the gym, now I bravely face the mirror, in all states of undress, and most days I like what I see.  Most days I know I’ve made good food choices (even when I haven’t) without thinking, because worrying about food no longer takes up my day.  Now I enjoy the gym instead of wondering how I’m going to push my sore, tired body further in order to burn more calories (because to lose weight it’s calories in vs. calories out right 😛 :P).

Last week was a bad week.  This week is looking bright. :)

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