Fuck Paleo!

And Atkins, and the Blood Type Diet, and Low Carb-ing and no sugaring and 5/2 and every other silly fad diet that some person invented to sell a book or get traffic to their blog (not that there is anything wrong with driving traffic to your blog), seriously fuck it, fuck them and fuck the diet!

Sorry, but today alone I have been subjected to lectures on why I need to cut out diary because it’s “poison, like the worst thing for you,” and even better, I’ve been told that you can’t eat fruit and lose weight…What?


Paleo really takes the cake though, because its premise is honestly so stupid, such pseudo-science (or is it pseudo history? pseudo-anthropology? I’m not sure)  that I am shocked that intelligent people fall for it.

Do you want to know what our paleolithic ancestors ate?  Whatever they could get their hands on!  Including the dead Mastadon over the hill that’s been rotting their for the last week. Why?  Because life before agriculture was short, hard and brutal.  We were skinny because we spent all our time hunting and gathering food.   Lets not even get started on the fact that the animals and plants available to paleolithic man were nothing like what’s around today, because what’s around today is the result of 10,000 years of agriculture and selective breeding. The modern day cow was domesticated from, presumably, an animal called an auroch in the early Neolithic.  Given that they were selectively bred for things like milk and meat, you can assume what actually makes up a cow is probably pretty different from what made up an auroch.

In fact, the one thing we probably can credit our paleolithic ancestors with is our bodies ability to store fat.  Yup. That lovely little trait evolved so that we would have some energy resources during periods of starvation.

snow whiteYAY!

In general if a diet is advising you to cut out one or more of the basic food groups then it’s probably not a very good long term diet.    A good long term diet is cutting out (or more accurately way, way down on) fast food and junk food that didn’t really exist prior to the last century, not something that we’ve been eating for over 10,000 years.

Oh, and one of the best ways to spot a fad diet?  When someone tells you “Try this! It works for me every time!”  Umm, no, if you have to keep doing the same diet over and over again, it means its not working.  A “diet” that works is one where you don’t gain the weight back because you don’t fall back to old habits.

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