Exercises for Beginners

A friend of mine is planning to start hitting the gym soon so I volunteered to put together a little program for her.   This is roughly what I started doing about two years ago, however, I’m insane and insist on doing far more exercise than most people need to or would want to, so I’ve adapted my program for her.

This combines some cardio with some weight lifting, and let me assure any female readers out there that weight lifting won’t turn you into the Hulk (or even Captain America or Thor)…

chris-evans-shirtless-captain-americaShirtless Chris Evans for your viewing entertainment

it’s very hard for women to get the kind muscles you see on competitive body builders without using some kind of steroid or testosterone injections, or following a very, very high protein, restrictive diet.  Do don’t be afraid to lift weights.

Also, this is designed for people working out 3 days a week.  If you want to weight lift more than that, you’ll have to look at doing a particular muscle group on  a particular day, just drop a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out.

The Fit “Fatty’s” Exercise Program for Beginner’s Extraordinare:

Cardio –  30 minutes

run-1435691My personal favorite form of cardio is jogging, however, using a stationary bike is also quite effective, so I generally try and mix up the two.   When I first started jogging again I started slow.  I would walk five minutes, run two, walk five, etc.  As my endurance built up I would try jogging more than walking.  Currently I’m doing intervals of one minute walk, one minute with low incline, one minute walk, one minute with high incline.  But play it by ear and if 30 minutes is too much, move it down to 20 or even 10.

Sets – 30 minutes

Take no more than 60 secs between reps! When choosing a weight, choose something heavy enough so that you feel the strain, but not so heavy that you can’t lift it comfortable and smoothly.

Squats – 8 to  10 reps x 3 – video (This video is of barbell squats, if you don’t feel you’re up to that yet, than just do normal squats).

Leg Extensions – 8 to 10 reps x 3 – video

Barbell Bench Press w. Wide Grip – 8 to 10 x 3 – video

Alternate Hammer Curl – 8 to 10 x 3 – video

Barbell Curl – 8 to 10 x 3 video

Triceps Pushdown – 8 to 10 x 3  video  (This one will totally tone up your bingo wings, but ooo she burns the first few times, don’t get discouraged!)

Abs – 5 to 10 minutes****

Do a mix of these till you feel the burn!

Standard Crunches
Cross Body Crunches

***** Before you do Abs ladies who’ve had babies, please make sure you don’t have diastasis recti, because if you do, you CANNOT do standard ab workouts.  You can self check for diastasis recti by following this video.

Ok, I hope this helps some folks.  As I’ve said multiple times before I’m neither a doctor or a personal trainer, just a chick whose done a lot of trial and error and knows what works for her.  Biggest thing with this is to give your body enough time to rest so you don’t hurt yourself, so I don’t recommend doing this 3 days in row, however feel free to add in some walking or slow swimming on your off days just to keep active.





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