Diastasis Recti or Why I will never be a supermodel….

Well, THAT and the fact that I’m far too short and old… but mostly the short…

I must admit, that when I’m having those bad days I mentioned in my previous thread, my diastastis recti is the reason.  Not just because it means I perpetually look pregnant, but because it does limit what I’m able to do in the gym.  I can’t do traditional ab work outs like crunches and planks, and I have to be careful what lifting I do (although I’m not careful enough to be honest).

Diastastis recti (say that five times fast) means your abdominal muscles have separated and your belly sticks out between the gap.

In medical books it looks like this:


In real life (i.e me) it looks like this (forgive the horrible pictures, a photographer I’m not….or a selfie taker)

far away

IMG_2306(That’s my gym locker room, as you can see I pay for the finest.).

See how my stomach sticks out and is rounded like I’m pregnant.

close upWell that’s less cause I’m carrying around some extra cushioning and more because my stomach is literally sticking out through the gap in my abs.  I know this because my stomach is much flatter in the morning, and gets bigger and bigger as I go about my day eating and drinking and exercising.  This picture isn’t even as big as it gets.  If I get some nice gas in there, hello 9 month pregnant belly!

And no, no amount of crunches will get rid of it, in fact, normal ab exercises will force my innards out more.  Lovely.

What can you do to get rid of it?  Well there are a few exercises you can find on line that promise to repair it.  I’ve been doing them for about 8 months now and I think it’s actually shrunk it a little bit, but I doubt it will close it.  There are expensive “systems” (google them) that cost hundreds of dollars to sign up for and give you specific exercises to do 15 minutes a day as well as strict diets (think no coffee or wine).  However, as you can tell from where I’m going to the gym an extra couple hundred dollars isn’t something I have lying around.

Or, you can get abdominal surgery to stitch those bad boys back together, for the paltry cost of about $30,000 or something equally ridiculous.   I’d hate to say it, but if I won the lotto tomorrow I might consider it.  I’m no fan of plastic surgery, but I look at this more as repairing something broken then fixing something not broken (if you get my drift).  I’m fairly certain the lotto isn’t going to happen though (especially as I don’t play it) so I guess I have to learn to live with it, and consider it just one of the long lasting joys of pregnancy.

For those of you who are curious as to whether you have diastasis recti, you can follow this video:


Though I have no idea if the “restore your core” system works, so don’t think I’m recommending it.

If you do have it, well, you can join the never going to be a super model club with me and we will drink our wine by the beach and let people think we are irresponsible pregnant ladies. 😉


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