A Piece of Cake

It’s my daughters birthday party this Friday, and that means cake (and cupcakes, and pizza and numerous other “diet” disasters, but let us focus on a piece of cake for now).  Last year I would have looked at that cake with dread.  Knowing that eating that one piece of cake would ruin my diet, that I will have been bad, that I’m a stupid fatty who can’t resist a piece of cake.  You all know the line of thinking I’m talking about.  It’s everywhere.  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a friend post a status about ruining their diets by eating a piece of cake, that their efforts have all gone down the drain, that they wished they could resist temptation more.  How many diet and exercise forums have I been on where this idea of “breaking your diet” has led the poster to say they followed that one piece of cake with the rest of the cake.  That they were “bad” this weekend and overindulged because, hey, I messed up my diet anyway, might as well binge.

And the guilt!  The self loathing!  The shame these women (and men) feel for eating a little piece of birthday cake!

It has to stop.

I don’t care how fat the world is, or how severe the health problems related to obesity are, stressing out and feeling guilty about a damned piece of cake is far more devastating.

11204383_1621186021489109_4110485338134382008_nThere are studies that link stress with weight gain:

Relationship between stress, eating disorders and obesity

And there are studies that say shaming overweight people will not result in weight loss:

‘Fat Shaming’ Doesn’t Motivate Weight Loss

So it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out that stressing about every little thing you eat is going to end up backfiring.

This year I’m going to eat that piece of cake, hell maybe 2! And I’m going to enjoy it.  Because I eat healthy normally, because I exercise, because I love my body and because I love cake.

It’s time to drop the diet and drop the guilt.


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