12 weeks to healed abs

I’ve found something online that says it can help me heal my diastasis recti in 12 weeks.   You can find it here:  https://breakingmuscle.com/womens-fitness/12-weeks-of-workouts-to-rebuild-after-diastasis-recti

It’s free, so in my price range and after seeing some pictures of myself from the beach this weekend I’m feeling bad enough about my stomach to give it a go.

Problem is it doesn’t look like enough exercise for me, so I’ll be adding in some running (instead of brisk 30 minute walks for the first 4 weeks), and I’ll be doing some arm, chest, shoulder and back exercises (giving the legs a miss for the next 12 weeks as those seem to be the exercises that make me pooch out my stomach the most).    Wish me luck. :/


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